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Did President Trump lie about COVID-19?

To the Editor:

Wednesday morning, Nov. 4, I woke up in such a state of euphoria that I have been delayed in writing this letter.
Our president said we would never hear of COVID-19 again. It was all a hoax dreamed up by Democrats and the fake news. After the election was over, no more Americans would be diagnosed with or die from COVID-19.
Our brave and powerful president told us so. I gleefully emailed friends and family that they could safely remove their masks and venture out of their homes once again.
Imagine my surprise at the response!
An aunt in El Paso said they are bringing in mobile morgues. A friend in Oklahoma said emergency rooms were full and they were experiencing health worker shortages  Another relative in North Dakota. (North Dakota!) was hunkering down due to huge increases in  COVID-19 cases.
What happened?  Our president had told thousands of his followers that the COVID-19 pandemic would disappear after the election. On Nov. 4, it would be all over. Could our courageous president have lied to us?

Diane Yates
Village of Virginia Trace

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