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The Villages

Golf cart drivers’ Bad Parking caught on camera in The Villages

The Parking Patrol has been busy documenting cases of Bad Parking here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

They have found a few golf cart drivers who may have been feeling “entitled.”

Winn-Dixie at Pinellas Plaza

Very entitled at Publix at Colony Plaza

Publix at Spanish Plaines

Golf Cart Social Distancing

I’ll just park here

Bad Parking at Canal Street Recreation Center

Right down the line

Southern Trace Plaza

Golf cart parking

Ohio-style parking

No sharing at Carrabba’s

Feeling entitled at Winn-Dixie

Smart parking at MVP

No person inside cart and was there 30 plus minutes at Publix at Southern Trace

Cuddling with the dog in front of Winn-Dixie at Lake Sumter Landing.

Parking with the puppy

Winn Dixie at Lake Sumter Landing

Sharing with a New Yorker at MVP at Brownwood.

A California driver straddles the line next to a golf cart at Lake Sumter Landing.

A golf cart was feeling a little crowded due to a vehicle over the line.

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