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Watch out for roofer who advertises in The Villages Daily Sun

To the Editor:

Had my roof shingles replaced this September. The company that replaced my roof was “The Roof Guys.”
You may see their ad in The Villages Daily Sun, that states, “Check out Your Neighbor’s New Roof.”
Please do! And check Seniors vs. Crime first.
The workmanship is very sloppy and unprofessional. After completion of the shingles in one day, it took them two weeks to complete the job. They tore the dryer duct vent off the roof and left the remaining parts of the dryer duct on the attic floor. It took close to a week for them to tear up my new roof and install the proper vent (gooseneck) on the roof. They never made any attempt to reconnect my dryer vent. Bent the metal facades on the front of the house, broke sprinkler heads, nailed the rain gutters to the side of the roof with no gutter supports installed and no pitch to the downspouts. Their “Gutter Guys” (after nearly two weeks) came and installed gutter support brackets (one-third of the brackets were properly installed) and the rest not correctly installed. I now have a “hump” across my roof that I never had before.
And their response? “We are sorry we didn’t meet your expectations,” etc. B.S. and “some customer expectations are not realistic.” Not to mention the amount of roof “debris/nails” that remained in my gutters. Very unprofessional and sloppy. I never pay up front for any work to be provided, as I did with this job. When I asked for compensation for the poor workmanship, it met with a big NO and a laugh. Do your homework before using “The Roof Guys.” You pay for what you get.

Frank Lynch
Village of Virginia Trace

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