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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Face masks and fear limit personal freedom

To the Editor:

Recently an opinion piece about mandating face masks displayed the type of fear which limits personal freedoms.
I believe choice is more important than health. I fought in a war to preserve choice. My choice to fight was not mandated (even the draft was eliminated). Fighting in the war was not healthy or safe. It was still my choice.
Now I choose not to wear a mask. It is my choice. It does not harm you. You may wear one, it is your choice. My not wearing a mask does not harm you if you wear one. I seriously doubt my not wearing one does not harm you if you choose not to also as long as I keep my distance and don’t cough in your face. Why do people want to mandate for everyone what they choose to do or like? They will be the first to ask to mandate the vaccine, too.

Jeff Atwood
Village of Fernandina

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