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America could be doomed without President Trump

To the Editor:

As a legal immigrant since 1953, I love this country. It may only be 300 years old but Europe has tried for thousands of years to accomplish what President Trump did in four years.
It is with a heavy heart and sadness that I am now watching the downfall of the only country on earth that allowed human freedom of speech thoughts, pursuit of happiness, reward for your work, good education, allowed people to pick, choose and elect people that we believed to truly represent us in the annals of government activities.
But we have become complacent, lazy, uneducated in our elections. The enemies of freedom didn’t miss out on it. They have, especially since the 1960s, allowed kids with no life experience or historical education, but through riots and chaos to allow control seeking politicos to establish their communist ideology today. You will be sorry.

Jo Thompson
Village of Duval

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