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The fascist regime of Donald Trump has ended

To the Editor:

The people have spoken, the winner has won. The fascist regime of Donald Trump has ended. The USA has faced criticism over its human rights record from leaders around the world, from separating children, pardoning of convicted criminals, the white supremacist killings of people of color and the neglectful and ignorant response to COVID-19. Every single word of this criticism is earned and deserved and every call to amend our policies are justified.
We will no longer have the grotesque, inept and corrupt performances by the likes of Giuliani or the “biblical” nuttiness of Sidney Powell, just the latest in a four year run of the Keystone Cops.
Republicans will continue to gaslight themselves and the cult will remain, they are tied to the same anchor, after all. Decency, honesty, honor and humanness will return in the new year and we can all be proud Americans, once again.

Linda Hallinan
Village of Lynnhaven

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