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Publix is misleading the customer

To the Editor:

At least a couple of times during a normal shopping session in a Publix store, an announcement comes over the intercom about the so-called caring role they’re are taking in keeping their customer safe with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic stating, all customers are “REQUIRED” to wear a face mask and stand six feet apart from others while shopping and it concludes with, “Remember we’re all in this together.”
The last I checked the word REQUIRED meant I had to and not it’s RECOMMENDED to such as, you are REQUIRED to stop at all red traffic lights and stop signs and not it’s RECOMMENDED you do yet Publix conveniently confuses the two.
For your information, it is not “REQUIRED” to wear a mask at their locations yet in fact RECOMMENDED, which they conveniently omit in their deceiving announcement so just remember, the next time you go shopping at Publix you do not have to wear a mask if you chose not to and they will in fact not force nor enforce you to, yet instead they will gladly accept your money for anything you need because remember, “We’re All in Thi$$$$$ Together.”

Sal De Prima
Village of Sabal Chase

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