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Neighbors around the world worried about U.S.

To the Editor:

In recent days I have talked with friends in Canada and Scotland. They both congratulated me on our presidential election and said people across the pond are breathing sighs of relief that America may now begin to recover her lost prestige and place in the world due to the Trump era. But, they are still worried.
Since, Americans voted for a Trump once, will they do it again? And, why? I have the same fears. I still cannot see the logic of so many middle-class people in the south and Midwest voting against their economic interests by voting Republican. Middle-class per a report published September 2020 are two-thirds of the median US income and their calculations put it at those making $45,000 to $130,000 a year. This means 98 percent of Villagers are middle class or below – yet 80 percent voted Republican. Republicans do away with programs or cut funding to health-care, child-care, maternal-infant care, national and public parks, education, student loans, Medicare, Social Security, and infrastructure – all things of benefit to middle-class retirees, their kids, and grandkids. Democrats support these things and try to fund them adequately. So, why do Villagers vote Republican? Makes no economic sense. The easy answer is they must be racists, homophobic, misogynists, or anarchists like Trump. But, I know people who voted for Trump and they are not all those things.
When I talk to my friends who voted Trump, and ask why, they say things they heard on Fox or Newsmax or Limbaugh radio; things that are false and disproved conspiracy. I ask them to read; but, they don’t. I ask them to watch a variety of news, not just one or two channels that echo the same stuff; but, they don’t. So, our friends in other countries have reason to worry. It could happen again unless we do an awful lot of public education with factual information and get social media to quit echoing conspiracy.

William Bronson
Village of Sunbury of Glenbrook

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