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This wasn’t a typical election

To the Editor:

Deep reflection is required.
This election season has managed to bring into play some of the worst of our political actions. Having “your” side win is nice. However, what price did our election process pay to obtain the victory? We consider ourselves to be a politically safe model for the world. We are taught that throughout our lives, and for the most part, it is true. We see on a regular basis the political upheavals in third world countries. We see the needless destruction and death contained within that political formula. And we hope to shun it.
But this last election season was anything but typical for this country. We had cities under constant upheaval with burnings and lootings. And all being allowed by those in charge at the city and state levels. Why? What “good” purpose does it serve?
We know all this is true. We witnessed it. We lived it. Now the question is begged, what will we do to fix it?
Political fever is out of control, and why? We are better than this. We are struggling to save our population from this virus that has invaded our country.
Not too many years back, if a situation like this came along, we would put aside our differences. We would look to our fellow citizens and we would put aside our differences to combat this new enemy that was taking the lives of our people.
Many bad things have been said across the aisle. Many bad actions have been performed on those across the aisle. Is it possible to repair the torn fabric of cooperation with those “across the aisle”?

Joseph Kibitlewski, PhD
Spruce Creek South

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