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Reasonable accommodation passes at golf courses to expire at end of month

Reasonable accommodation passes at golf courses in The Villages are set to expire at the end of this month.

For years, Villagers were able to ask their physicians for a note explaining whatever disability they may have suffered, particularly anything that might limit their ability to walk. The doctor’s note would enable a Villager to receive a “reasonable accommodation” tag which was valid for up to one year. It has allowed golfers to drive their carts up near the greens and in places where other people cannot drive their carts. 

A Reasonable Accommodation  tag is attached to this golf cart in The Villages.

The Villages Course Access Pass (CAP) policy Assignment of Course Access Pass cards will be issued only to those individuals who have a state certified disabled parking permit. A valid handicap placard, along with a valid ID/driver’s license and registration will need to be presented to the Golf Administration offices to obtain or renew a CAP Card.

Yearly CAP tags will be available to purchase at any country club golf shop and the tee time office with a valid CAP card. Daily CAP tags can be obtained at the country club golf shops or executive course starter facilities to use with a valid CAP Card if you choose not to purchase the yearly CAP tag. A Villages ID will be held during the round and returned once the daily CAP tag is brought back.

Current RA cards are valid through Dec. 31.

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