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Let’s all do something to help Americans in need

To the Editor:

As we herald arrival of vaccines that will turn the tide in the war against COVID-19, it is also fitting that we address the growing food needs of our fellow Americans.
One in six Americans is now in food peril. Not since the days of the 1930s Depression have so many Americans suffered hunger through no fault of their own.
Rather than ask our government to handle the responsibility, let’s step up our Christian values and do what we can to help.
Donate to Feed America, Salvation Army and other established charities.  Start a food program through your church or support one if you already have one. When you go to Sam’s Club or Publix, pick up a little something for the needy.
Let’s show the world the goodness and kindness of the American people.  Remember, what would Jesus do?

Diane Yates
Village of Virginia Trace


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