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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

A citizen’s reaction to voter fraud charges

To the Editor:

Well, I never thought the level of disbelief, anger, and frustration I have experienced since November, 2016 could ever increase but, unfortunately, I was wrong. The ongoing legal shenanigans of Donald Trump, his handlers, and enablers are very dangerous to the delicate fabric of our nation. The Framers devised protections against demagoguery and tyranny but could never anticipate a man like Donald Trump, nor the level of lies and misinformation that emanate from the administration and the mouths and written words of its apologists.
Moreover, how could they have anticipated the cowardice of so many Republican members of Congress and Republican leaders who choose to put bootlicking above the good of the country. These are the same people who brag about patriotism, law and order, strong support for the military, and maintaining individual freedom. They seem very comfortable with failure on these issues as they Kowtow to a “Bone-spur Bully” draft dodger who calls members of the military “losers” and wonders what they hoped to gain by their service. This same man hugs the flag when it plays well in the media but lacks the courage to uphold American interests in the presence of Kim, Putin, Netanyahu and other international thugs. This is the same man that has continually shown little care for Constitutional norms and traditions, erroneously believing that only he holds the reins of power. He has disrespected the legislative and judicial branches of our government like no other elected person in the history of the nation. This is the same man who has a proven record of illegal activity throughout his career but has managed to consistently skirt charges through intimidation and threats, combined with the weakness of officials to stand up to him, indeed to stand up for truth and justice. This is the same man who claimed vindication in spite of the Mueller Report holding back on indictments out of respect for precedent and Department of Justice traditions. Truth has no companion in this administration but state charges in New York are still to be settled upon his leaving office.
Surely, it was abundantly clear who and what Donald Trump has always been. He is fully incapable of empathy, has no moral compass, and is solely motivated by his own ego. To enumerate all the indices of his lack of integrity should not have to be a topic of discussion. From serial bankruptcies, sexual affairs, and divorces to never accepting responsibility for any negative consequence of his actions, to the brutal treatment of contracted workers and his penchant for disrespect and ridicule of others, he is a poor specimen of a leader. Nothing shows this incredible lack of ability more than his crass, hubris-laden handling of the deadly COVID-19 virus. He has said virtually nothing about the huge numbers of American deaths, the immensity of which should be laid clearly at his feet. Nonetheless, he was elected President in 2016 and we need a collective moment of reflection on what this says about us.  He is the classic prototype of a playground bully and we all have the choice of acceptance or resistance.
The acceptance group has clearly shown its colors over and over. Today, can it be any clearer that Donald Trump and his “Trumpublican” sycophants are demonstrating nothing but distain for the bedrock power of a democracy, the people’s right to vote? Is securing a base so vital that it obscures common decency, truth, and true patriotism? The impetus to play to the least common denominator is fraught with danger. Not only does it demean many American political and social values, it also endangers the well-being of our citizens. In the short-term, by sowing so many blatant lies and patently approving of radical conspiracy theories, many individuals may believe their roles are to defend a mythical America. This could lead to actual violence between and among the people of the United States.
Ultimately, my hope is that supporters of Donald Trump come to understand how little he really cares about them and about any of the so-called policies or values to which he gives lip service. In addition, I hope that this realization leads to a withdrawal of support for the lunacy Donald Trump offers and a return to a Republican Party that espouses sane and reasonable conservative positions and a dedication to dialogue and compromise in serving the real interests of Americans. History has shown over and over that when groups of people come to understand the extent to which they have been used and abused in support of the ambition, position, and accumulation of a privileged group, privileges did not prevail.
Maintaining a democratic republic requires a full understanding of the first three words of the Constitution, “We, the People”. The United States was and still is a “noble experiment” in human history. Nowhere else do so many diverse people live together in relative harmony. Each of us has the responsibility to participate in the body politic, exercise the right to vote, acknowledge that the rights granted by our Constitution belong to every person, and refrain from allowing the will of the people to be harassed and denied. It is time to stand up to Donald Trump and to anyone who would use bully tactics to maintain power at the expense of essential principles ingrained in our Constitution. A little courage goes a long way!

Jerry Ragan
Village of McClure

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