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The Villages
Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Curious Villagers in golf carts and on bicycles pouring over Brownwood Bridge

Curious Villagers in golf carts and on bicycles have been pouring over the newly opened Brownwood Bridge.

Traffic traveling over the bridge has been brisk as residents from north of State Road 44 venture to the south to see what’s evolving in the newest areas of The Villages.

Villagers venture over the Brownwood Bridge on Christmas Eve.

The Brownwood Bridge is accessible from the rear of the parking lot behind the Barnstorm Theater. A smaller bridge takes traffic over a pond before connecting to the main section of the bridge which traverses State Road 44. About a mile south, Villagers can get a glimpse of the Water Lily Bridge, still under construction. Travel a few more miles on the multi-modal path and Villagers can see a great deal of land that will be home to thousands of new residents.

Golf carts travel over the smaller section of the Brownwood Bridge.

Earlier this month, Community Development District 13 quietly took ownership of the Brownwood Bridge from the Developer.

The Chitty Chatty Bridge, which opened in October, was the first of four bridges that will provide connectivity to the southern end of The Villages.

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