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Is The Villages getting too big?

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

The word is out that 2021 is going to be a better year than the recent one that we have been more or less living through. It does have to be better doesn’t it? Come on, let’s admit that it can’t be worse, and if everyone buckles down it will be much better.  If I had the time and the inclination, I would ask everyone for portends that they have observed which would validate the fact that next year will be an exemplary year.  I am certain that there are scads of them out there. It is just that someone needs to consolidate them and publish the same for all to see.

Unfortunately, no one has done anything, at least that I know about, to provide such validation. Therefore, I thought that I would start out with a rather small validation, but powerful one. Mine as I indicated is small, but amazing nevertheless. In fact, even I find it almost beyond comprehension. However, here it goes! This year we purchased a new Christmas tree.  I assembled it and put it up for The Blond in the House to decorate.  She did a great job and we enjoyed it immensely. So far everything appears normal, but here is the amazing part. My good wife removed the decorations, and I picked up the tree and fit it back into the box from which I had liberated it originally. I was able to do that without sitting on it, cussing it, pounding nails into the box to keep it shut, or taking any other extreme action. It went in with a smile. That is just not normal folks, so I figure that it has to be a good omen for next year indicating that matters will flow smoothly.

While nobody is blaming it on 2020, as far as I know, there has been mumbling that The Villages is getting too big and that it is difficult to get around.  Well, early on the very day that I am writing this, another couple joined us in a leisurely ride around a big portion of The Villages. We met at El Camino Real and Morse Boulevard where we double checked our golf carts, made certain we had enough gasoline, provisional supplies and water for the journey.  We also had our iPhones charged to the max, and started on our way.  We went down Morse Boulevard, across the Chitty Chatty (who came up with that name?) Bridge, went through the tunnel at Warm Springs Avenue, and followed the Meggison Road path to Brownwood.  It only took us an hour and twenty minutes!  We then ate at a nice restaurant in Brownwood. The whole event was a snap. True, we still had to go from Brownwood back to Morse Boulevard and El Camino Real, but we could not have done any of this earlier in the year.  Obviously, 2021 will bring us more marvelous changes that will cause us to forget all about the generally lousy year of 2020.

Thus, it behooves us all to concentrate our thoughts and actions to make certain that 2021 does not let us down. Personally, I am confident that we can do it despite the news on TV and the newspapers. I further believe that most of you have observed portends for a better coming year than the two puny ones I mentioned.  With that in mind The Blond in the House and I wish you the best and happiest New Year ever!

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