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Let’s see some leadership on vaccine distribution in The Villages

To the Editor:

It is time The Villages (Developer) offer some real solution to this pandemic.
We have hundreds of retired medical personnel living right here in The Villages who can perform the injection to help safe our lives. Why not use every one of our regional recreation centers as a place for our residence to receive their vaccination?  It makes only good sense that we take control of this pandemic and take care of our own. Only legal residents of The Villages would be directed to go to their own regional recreation center at a particular date and  time. Admission would have to be made via phone to each regional centers.
Again, there are hundreds of residents who are capable of manning phones to fill out names and address to register each person and give them a date and time.  This is not brain surgery and we as a community should have this wrapped up in no time. I for one would be very happy to volunteer to sign residence up. Let us be the leader in this country and show the nation this is how things should be done. I believe it will only take one week to get this organized and one month to complete the task.
Our governor seems to know where to go for photo opportunities so let’s see if he can come through and prove he is the leader he says he is and stand behind a fool proof plan like this. Isn’t The Villages advertised as the Healthiest Hometown in the country? Let’s prove it.

Christine Courtwright
Village of Buttonwood

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