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The Villages sets new rate for amenity fees on new homes and resales

The Villages has set a new rate for amenity fees on new homes and resales.

The new rate for new homes and resales will be $164 per month and was announced in a letter from The Villages Director of Development Robert Chandler IV to District Manager Richard Baier. The new rate is effective as of New Year’s Day.

The change will not impact current homeowners.   

“On the anniversary month of the home’s purchase, the amenity fee is automatically adjusted up or down, based on the year over year Consumer Price Index. Neither the Developer nor the Amenity Authority Committee has the authority to change the monthly amenity fee rate a current homeowner is paying,” said AAC member Don Deakin. 

In 2019, the AAC and Project Wide Advisory Committee both voted to eliminate the $155 per month cap on amenity fees.

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