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Spend money on Americans not overseas wars

To the Editor:

Congress finally passed and President Trump has signed into law a $900 billion  piece of legislation that will bring desperately needed assistance to Americans.  That is good news for many Americans, although the Presidential and Congressional delays added to the suffering during this difficult year.

This $900 billion in spending will add to the $3.132 trillion deficit the U.S. incurred in Fiscal Year 2020 and to the $26.9 trillion in U.S. debt that our children and grandchildren will inherit.

And while we are piling debt on our descendants…at a cost of $50.4 billion annually, the US continues to operate 883 military installations in 160 countries and all 7 continents of the world.  That $50.4 billion to support military bases around the world does not include the  $69 billion  we spend to wage endless war in many parts of the world. We have 187,000 military personnel deployed all over the world in those endless wars. 

It’s time to support the troops and bring them home.  It’s time to close those military installations overseas and use the funds for urgently need support for Americans.  We owe that to our children and grandchildren.

At 1 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21, retired U.S. Naval Officer and current President of the Board of World Beyond War, Leah Bolger, will present a Zoom webinar on the “Overseas Military Base Empire”.  You can register here  or by contacting [email protected] or going to https://actionnetwork.org/events/webinar-the-overseas-military-base-empire?clear_id=true

The U.S. has tried military imperialism. We need to close overseas bases, work through diplomacy and other means, reduce our expenses and take care of Americans.

Al Mytty
Cindy Grossman
Rev. Jim McCormack
Larry Berman
Larry Gilbert
Paul Pudillo
World Beyond War-Central Florida Steering Committee

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