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Congressman Webster joined GOP objectors hours before fleeing Capitol rioters

Congressman Daniel Webster

Congressman Daniel Webster issued a joint statement with 36 fellow Republicans early Wednesday afternoon outlining their reasons for objecting to the process by which Joe Biden was elected president. A short time later, rioters stormed Congress and members were issued gas masks and told to shelter in place.

“National polls indicate a large percentage of Americans now have serious doubts about not just the outcome of the current presidential contest, but also the future reliability of our election system itself. We share these grave concerns,” Webster and his fellow lawmakers said in a statement issued at 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Congressmanwoman Kat Cammack

Webster, a Republican who represents The Villages in the U.S. House of Representatives, was joined in the objection by newly elected Congressman Kat Cammack, who represents Florida’s 3rd Congressional District which includes part of Marion County. Cammack had a prominent role on stage at the Oct. 23 Trump rally at The Villages Polo Fields.

“State laws in the 2020 election were circumvented without the approval of state legislatures, egregiously violating the Constitution that I swore an oath to defend and protect,” Cammack said in a statement a short time before the Capitol was stormed.

As the rioters began taking over Congressional offices, pocketing memorabilia and taking selfies, Cammack, like Webster, was swept to safety by the Capitol police.

“As attempts to gain entry into the chamber grew in intensity, I witnessed fellow Members joining with Capitol Police to further barricade doors by piling furniture. They also began breaking furniture to provide themselves with any means of defense they could find. Within minutes, the sounds of shots began coming through the door. We then began evacuating quickly out of the chamber to a safe location,” Cammack said.

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