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Lawmakers to blame for uprising at U.S. Capitol

To the Editor:

The lawmakers objecting to the Electoral College vote counts Wednesday, are responsible, along with #45, for the division, and thug-like insurrection displayed at our Capitol building!
To deny facts, that 45 lost the election in November, to not come out, early and often, to state that the claims made by this president are FALSE. Our laws provide for election results to be certified in a bipartisan manner. Yes, some states changed election protocols and processes, due to a life-threatening pandemic. If you have questions about the legality of those states protocols and processes, than you take your issues to court. Over 60 times these cases were heard by both state and federal courts. No widespread voter fraud!
Therefore, any and all lawmakers, cabinet members and people in power that did not take a stand against #45 and tell him and his followers unequivocally that he lost the election, that he should concede and begin the peaceful transfers of power that our country is proud to demonstrate every four years, ALL of those individuals are complicit in Wednesday’s attack on our nation’s Capitol!
The lawmakers that were objecting to vote tally’s Wednesday, say they did so because constituents have unresolved questions about the security/results of this election. They have questions because they have been fed lies about it since before the election and there were no adults in the room willing to stand up to this president and tell him and his followers the truth! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were voted in by the people of this great nation to replace Trump/Pence, Period, end of discussion!
So, in short, I hold every person that did not denounce this president in his reaction to November’s election, responsible for creating this population of people who have become insurrectionists and lynched our Capitol and our democracy in broad daylight in a domestic terror attack!

Theresa Pierce
Village of Piedmont

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