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The Blond in the House is taking organ lessons

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

The Blond in the House is off taking organ lessons. I tell her to keep it up as one of these days she will be able to play one of those big theater organs. She doesn’t think so, but if a guy can’t have confidence in his wife who can he?  It certainly can’t be today’s politicians who excuse certain uncalled-for actions when it favors them, but not when it is the supporters of the other side.  Nope, I think that we need to look at other areas. Music certainly is a good area as is painting (art work not houses, although painting houses makes everything look better). Perhaps, listening to soothing music (not the loud music dictated by those in the “popular” entertainment business) and trying our hand at painting rather than listening to nightly TV would be better for us all.

I note the above suggestions with full knowledge that I couldn’t execute like any of the art masters – except perhaps Picasso. I can do wavy lines. The same with music. If Mozart or Bach had endeavored to entertain folks like me, no one would have ever heard of them. I am more the Perry Como or John Denver type – easy listening! Dolly Parton isn’t bad either. Perhaps, it is just me, but it seems that too many folks are overhyped.  It does not take much to set them off.  Now there is no question but that today there are lots of reasons for flying off the handle.  However, possibly if we all took a deep breath before we vented harsh criticism of others, it might work out better in the long run.

t is my considered opinion that if someone had been listening to Andy Williams before he spoke, he might direct his thoughts in a manner that might result in more positive response from whomever he was addressing his remarks.  On the other hand, if he/she has been listening to a hate filled rap song, he might not be so calm and collected.  It is true that one virtue of many rap songs is that the words can not be understood by most listeners, but there is still the loud phrenic beat. Living in a noisy universe can be annoying.  Luckily, in my case, I can just pull out my hearing aids and the world becomes more peaceful.  Obviously, many people can’t do that unless they fall asleep – assuming the spouse or someone else doesn’t have the sleep reducing TV on!

Now before I finish this article, I just need the Blond to return from her music lesson and play me a nice relaxing tune. Otherwise, I might forget myself and engage in some rhetoric that I will later regret. Grr, have I mentioned my thoughts about the Pittsburgh Pirates and the futile attempt of their cheap owners to come up with a decent baseball team?  Well let me tell you . . .  Whew!

The Blond has just returned.  I will wait to a later more calming time to express myself on the so-called baseball team known as the Pirates.

Maybe, I will now turn on my Guy Lombardo tape in memory of his New Year’s calming introductions to the New Year.

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