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The frustration of 76 million Trump voters

To the Editor:

The unrest in Washington by Trump supporters only points to the frustration of 76 million Trump voters.
The election irregularities are proven, that coupled with the ongoing false and proven false allegations of collusion and deceit by this president and his family for four years from the Democratic Party in concert with the mainstream media, the proven 97 percent negative press coverage. Mix in the proven lies and deceit of the Clintons proven to be true and she walks free. The corruption of the FBI and the Justice Department all without any consequence plus the alleged “Durham” report that was to expose and prosecute those involved will now all be swept under the rug and will never be known.
The facts that Joe  Biden was involved in the Hunter Biden corruption is evident from facts and witnesses plus Joe Biden bragged on TV of his own corruption getting the prosecutor of Burisma scandal fired or they wouldn’t get the loan guarantee. Joe Biden’s bumbling on national TV and unable to talk intelligently without a TelePrompter, couple his failing memory with Kamala Harris who was proven to have slept her way to prominence in the party as our next VP and has a sketchy past at best.
Sure, the American people are upset, most think the election was rigged starting two years ago fueled by Big Tech, billionaires like Soros, China and the mainstream media to once and for all take down Donald Trump . After failing for four years to defeat him, now Pelosi and Schumer, as ol Chuckie bragged, “We will change the country.”
I pray for the future of my children and grandkids and great-grands and I feel sure my America is going socialist with a future for America being as Venezuela is today. So now all the Trump haters can sit back and watch the Democrats perform miracles for their own benefit on the backs of every American. The Clintons became multi-millionaires while in office. The Obamas became multi-millionaires while in office. Joe Biden became a multi-millionaire as a senator for 47 years. Yep, you can bet they will look out for you now.

Robert Basye
Village of Piedmont

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