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Domestic terrorists’ attack on the U.S. Capitol

To the Editor:

Well it happened and he didn’t. During Trump’s impeachment, Republican Senators assured us Trump had learned his lesson. Democrats warned, no, he would be emboldened and would get worse. You have to admit, Democrats were right about this. How much worse can you get? Looking at headlines all over the world, including Istanbul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, London, all agree this was an attack on Democracy and domestic terrorism. Die-hard Trumpers are saying those people were “patriots” defending their freedom. Nothing is farther from the truth.
Then we were told that the D.C. policeman who was beaten with a fire extinguisher has died. So, not only was there breaking and entering, attempts to overthrow an election, destruction of government property, trespass, assaulting police officers, illegal possession of firearms, and inciting a riot, there was murder, too.
There were lives lost, families destroyed, injuries which may be life-altering, and the FBI is intent on tracking many of these people down and prosecuting them. More lives and families will be destroyed, as the penalties for these federal crimes are felonies and carry 10 to 20 year penalties.
The question to the 80 percent of Villagers who put this malignant  narcissist into the White House, was it worth it? And, if you answer “the stock market is up,”, you are more than craven.
Now, that he will soon be gone, I hope the Villagers for Trump group will dissolve. They invited and courted QAnon conspiracy and many of their group are indoctrinated with that insanity. The young woman who was shot by police was a QAnon conspiracy cult member based on her social media posts. This is toxic and evil at its core. It well could be coming from offshore hackers (Iran – Russia – China) who are delighted with the chaos and hate they have promulgated. The group should disband.
We can hope that moderate voices in D.C. and a breakthrough of the years of obstruction by McConnell in the Senate will be over and our elected officials can get back to doing things that will benefit citizens and will begin to rebuild the America the world thought we were before Trump.

Martha Morrison
Village of Calumet Grove

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