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Villagers impatiently waiting for their turn to receive COVID-19 vaccine

With online registration for appointments to begin at 8 a.m. Sunday for the 340 vaccine doses to be administered Monday and Wednesday by the Sumter County Health Department, many Villagers are wondering when they will finally get their doses.

Many Villagers have dialed phone numbers, driven to vaccination sites at places like Lake-Sumter State College, or clicked repeatedly at EventBrite links hoping to score the coveted vaccine.

“Since we live in a community of elderly, many who cannot travel outside the area due to health issues no less sit in a car all night long waiting this should have been a priority. Shame on The Villages and shame on the governor. He seems to be very invested in seeing to it that the Orlando area (and other areas of the state) have places to go for the vaccine almost every day,” said 79-year-old Diane Doering of the Kenya Villas.

Village of Piedmont resident Lee Thorell, who is 82 years old, said he was a fan of Gov. Ron DeSantis. The situation appeared hopeful last month when the governor came to The Villages and promised that Florida’s seniors would be moved to the front of the line for vaccination. DeSantis watched as five high-profile Villagers with ties to the GOP were vaccinated. And then he left town.

Thorell said The Villages has been woefully shorted on the vaccine.

“We are elderly and we cannot stand in line,” he said.

Villager Barbara O’Hare agreed the governor’s plan has fallen far short.

“Where is the vaccine we were promised?” she asked.

Maureen McQuaid said there doesn’t seem to be solid system in place for the distribution of the vaccine.

I’m very disappointed with the lack of a plan. This vaccine has been touted for months, and it should not have taken anyone by surprise,” she said.

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