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White privilege in paradise

To the Editor:

Dick Jones describes his view of “white privilege” in a response to an opinion of a person who articulated a different view of what she believed was “white privilege.” He further asserts that she should rethink her philosophy if she wants to join him in “paradise.”
A few observations are in order. Of the 130,000 residents in The Villages, there are very few minorities. If The Villages is “the friendliest hometown,” what accounts for this? It’s not privilege, it is the relative means to wealth. I wonder if the woman who used the term white privilege would live here if she had ample wealth to live in The Villages. Oh, wait, “she’s a liberal.”
Dick Jones then goes on to presume that those who think Villagers are “privileged “ to live here should “rethink their philosophy” to “join us in paradise.” This reminds me of the wise saying that when you point a finger at another, you point three at yourself.

Michael MacDonald
Village of Virginia Trace

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