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Health care workers need the COVID-19 vaccine first 

Carolyn Denslow

I have taken the time to read all of the opinion letters in the on the vaccines.

My synopsis of reading the letters and news is that it was politically motivated disregarding the scientific research of the CDC on who was vaccinated first,  Health care workers. 

Healthcare personnel are at risk of exposure. Vaccinating healthcare personnel protects healthcare capacity. Vaccinating healthcare personnel helps prevent patients from getting COVID-19. Instead many ran to the governor to secure their vaccines in front of the health care workers. The governor caved in and granted the wish.

A vaccine recipient was interviewed and told their vaccine was earmarked for a health care worker. That recipient’s response was, “I could have waited but now it’s great I can play golf now.” Hospitals have four walls. In one hospital, they have expanded to add another a COVID-19 floor. The hospital is now at full capacity with no room for new admissions. Worse yet, half of the staff is now infected and some are hospitalized. If staff is limited, who will provide your medical care?  You can have four walls but if you don’t have medical staff to treat you, what will happen? 

Now you wonder where are the health care workers to give us vaccines. Well, you jumped the line and now you have got what you selfishly wished for. Think – can a golf course medically treat you for the virus? Please think ahead and consider your actions. I am awaiting my turn. I am wearing my mask and I am socially distancing and limiting my exposure and washing my hands. Please let us all show others we can act like responsible adults. 

Carolyn Denslow is a resident of Marion County.

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