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Why Republicans should vote to impeach

To the Editor:

As much as I think Trump should be impeached, I am not sure that is the right thing to do. Of course he deserves it. Many would love to see him further disgraced, lose presidential perks and lose the ability to run in 2024.
The obvious reason for not impeaching is that it would be an incredible distraction with so few days left in office. It also might slow the healing process, although I am not sure the country can ever come together.
But looking at it from the Republican side. Trump and many of his zealous followers are an incredibly divisive force and will be for the next four years. In addition, there are a few Republican senators that might think he crossed the line. But others (most) might think it is in their and the party’s best interest to ensure he won’t run again. If he is impeached, we likely won’t have as much of a circus during 2024 primary season as we had in 2016 during the Republican primary debates. Much of the money Trump has raised and will raise, would go towards other candidates. Other Republicans who want to run for president, will have Trump out of the way, so it is in their best interest to impeach. Removing competitors without making it seem you are doing it for selfish reasons, can be a powerful motivating force.
Trump has expanded the Republican base but he has also expanded the Democratic base. The growing demographics favor the Democratic Party and somehow the Republicans must find a way to rid themselves of the Trumpetts and appeal to minorities and moderates. Getting Trump out of the way by removing his ability to hold office, might help. Then, there is payback. Trump has attacked so many of his enablers, including Mitch and Pence. Is it possible that they will say enough  is enough and support impeachment? Although elected officials might vote for greedy, selfish reasons, they can say they voted to impeach for the sake of the country. It’s a win/win.

Gene Guerriero
Village of Mallory Square

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