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President Trump needs to be impeached

Miles Zaremski

A day in infamy. No, not Dec. 7, 1941 that FDR described after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but of January 6, 2021, the day that the cradle, the citadel, of our democracy was stormed and ravaged by Trump-inspired insurrectionists and seditionists, causing death, injury, property damage to the halls of Congress and placed many in harm’s way. 

Trump lit the match for them. It was also anathema to everything we hold dear to our way of life, our democracy and our republic. We had not seen this since the days of the War of 1812!

Back in March of last year, I penned a piece about Donald Trump being a clear and present danger to Villagers in the context of COVID-19.  I repeated that description in a published September 16, 2020 letter, also for this site (“Now do you think Trump is dangerous?”). 

Both writings were prescient as it now turns out, but attracted scores of “boo bird” calls, obviously from those in this community that read this site that supported the current president.  After all, he did garner two-thirds of the vote from this and surrounding communities this past November.

But with the events of Jan. 6, Trump hasn’t just come up to the line, he has crossed it!  And even with days left in his tenure, he needs to be impeached by the Congress.  Enough is enough, even for those that may have backed him along the way as the nation’s 45th president.  We no longer need, ever, someone like Donald John Trump.

And as for those whose transgressions are to be adjudicated criminal acts on Jan. 6, including Trump, may the rule of law still be the necessary elixir to bring them all to justice.

Miles Zaremski is a resident of the Village of Dunedin.

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