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COVID-19 vaccine distribution doesn’t seem fair

To the Editor:

I’m 67 years old with COPD and on oxygen. If I were to contract the virus I would probably not survive.
I have been staying in the house most of the time to avoid caching the virus. I’m sure there are many others here in The Villages that are in the same position. I feel that those with underlining conditions should be able to get vaccinated first.
Gov. DeSantis was here in The Villages and the Morse family got vaccinated. This does not seem fair!
I feel he should make the vaccine available to those with underlining conditions to be vaccinated first.
Also, when will The Villages Health System going to have the vaccine available to be given to their patients? A lot of us are sick of being stuck at home when others are out and about and are probably getting vaccinated before those with underlining conditions. It just doesn’t seem fair!

Elaine Romagnano
Village of St. Charles

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