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Honor fallen Capitol police officer by demanding justice

To the Editor:

Officer Brian Sickneck, a Capitol police officer, died Jan. 6, 2021 honoring the oath he took to defend the Constitution of the United States.
Officer Sickneck died at the hands of “patriots” who Trump “loves” whom Trump incited and instructed to march on the Capitol. Trump is guilty at the very least of “reckless endangerment.”  Those with courage know that he is guilty of much more: insurrection.
There can be no peace, no healing of our nation, as long as Trump is president. If Trump had any honor, he would resign. As President, he holds the title and authority as commander-in-chief. No one deserves it less. Instead of honoring the sacrifices of those who have given their lives for our freedoms and rights, Trump asks: “What was in it for them?”
The First Amendment does not give anyone the right to yell, “Fire!” in a crowded room. Trump’s encouragement of the mob to prevent Congress from following the Constitution by physical force when Trump’s legal avenues failed is unforgivable. There must be consequences for all involved – starting with Trump.
“All gave some. Some gave all.” This is a debt we can never repay. We have a history of honoring those who have made the sacrifice. Honor Officer Sickneck, demand that Trump resign. As this is unlikely, we can use the 25th Amendment or impeach.
As Officer Brian Sickneck’s casket was being driven through the streets of the Capitol, Trump was planning another photo-op and, again, taking “no responsibility.” Trump should not be allowed to quietly walk away from the Capitol on Jan. 20 with all of the rights and privileges of a one-term president. Mr. Trump should never be addressed as “President” again. And, he does not deserve to be saluted.

LaVonne Joyce
Village of Bonnybrook

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