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Removing Trump from office is not enough

To the Editor:

Impeachment is critically important for the nation and the rest of the world. If he gets away with his antics and the attempted overthrow of the Constitution, the world will see that the United States is not based on their own laws. The president can flout them without consequences. And if the president can, why not others?
First question: Why was it a coup attempt? The mob was chanting “Kill Pelosi” and “Hang Pence.” Had they succeeded and Mitch McConnell been killed too, there would be no elected official remaining in the presidential succession. The Electoral College, a part of the Constitution, would have been overthrown.

Second, an article in a Peruvian publication was entitled, “Trump’s shadow among us” compared Trump to Alberto Fujimori in 1990, who was found guilty of murder, bodily harm, and two cases of kidnapping while in office. Just one example from the world.

Finally, for those who think the election was stolen, can you prove that this statement is wrong?

“Trump got only 49 electoral votes. A giant conspiracy by him and the Department of the Interior flooded the polls with fake ballots to raise his totals. It almost worked.”

It has as much supporting evidence as Trump’s claim of winning by a landslide. Both statements are unprovable. Anybody can claim anything, but that doesn’t make it true.

William Myers
Village of Rio Grande

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