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This election was not stolen

To the Editor:

These are my views on the recent post-election events:
First, not only should the terrorists who breached the Capitol be punished, but just as important President Trump, the senators and representatives who have claimed that the election had been stolen should be held accountable. It is their falsehoods and incendiary statements that have driven people to destructive and unlawful acts and have undermined our democracy.
Second, it is each senator’s and representative’s job to inform their constituents that now that the Congress has ratified the states electors. Biden is the President-elect. There was no election stolen. He is the legitimate president of the United States.
Let me help them with the rationale.
1. President-elect Biden won with a large majority of the popular vote. With over 7 million more votes that President Trump.
2. President-elect Biden won 306 Electoral College votes vs 232 for Trump.
3. Trump and his allies lost over 50 election lawsuits, with only a few minor wins. These lawsuits were at the state, federal and supreme court levels. Most of the cases were lost because there was no evidence of fraud or unlawful actions presented.
4. Several recounts confirmed the state vote totals.
5. All 50 states officially certified their election results.
6. Finally, on the day of the confirmation of the electoral count, Congress overwhelmingly voted against the resolution to reject the Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin slates of electors.
The election was not stolen. There are no unresolved issues in this election. Every objection was either voted down by the states and congress or rejected by the courts.
The job of each United States representative and senator is to communicate to and educate their constituents that the election is over, the people have spoken and they have lawfully chosen Biden as the next President of the United States.
That is what a democracy is all about. If these representatives and senators do not understand this, then they should resign their office as they are unfit to serve.

Jonathan Joel
Village of Charlotte

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