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Hospital chaplain in The Villages warns COVID-19 epidemic ‘far from over’

Gary Kadow

A chaplain at UF Health-The Villages Hospital is warning the COVID-19 epidemic is “far from over.”

More and more Villagers are receiving the vaccine to protect against the Coronavirus, which has killed nearly 24,000 Floridians. The growing availability of vaccinations is giving many a sense of optimism.

However, Villager Gary Kadow, who works as a chaplain at the hospitals in The Villages and Leesburg, is warning against complacency.

Plenty of people were gathered outside Friday afternoon at RJ Gator’s at Lake Sumter Landing. Few people were wearing masks.

“I see the end result on the far side, where people are gasping for their last breath,” he said.

Kadow expressed disbelief at some Villagers who continue to think the virus is not a threat.

“I see people shoulder to shoulder, drinking a beer and apparently thinking this is no big deal,” he said.

While he applauded local vaccination efforts, he added that medical personnel need to be given preference when it comes to the vaccine.

“They have a tough, tough job. Our front line workers really need to be vaccinated,” he said.

He added that Villagers can take a simple step to protect each other.

“Wear these things,” Kadow said, while pointing at his mask. “They do make a difference.”

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