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Let’s rid ourselves of the insanity

To the Editor:

I read everything I can get my hands on that talks about how our society and our beloved country came to this point. How could some Americans become so inflamed and angry, that they attacked our U.S. Capitol, beating police officers, screaming threats to kill elected officials and erecting a gallows on capital grounds? Such violence! Such hate personified!
Now, our Capitol is a fortress of armed soldiers in order to have a “peaceful” transfer of power. America was a beacon to the world of democracy. No more. Germany, France, Canada and the U.K. offered to send troops to help protect our Capitol. Imagine that.
Seventy-four million people voted for Trump in November. At least 60 percent of Republicans still support him – despite the horrendous acts of Jan. 6. That is insane.
I watch and listen to all info including the extreme right-wing radical sites of Newsmax, OAN, Fox crazies (Hannity, Carlson, Graham, Judge Jeannine & others) as well as CNN, MSNBC, PBS, Bloomberg and others. It is like two different worlds. I have family members who love Fox News. So, I well know that all the information is not getting to about half our population. Fox pundits as well as the more radical sites are still defending Trump, denying the real carnage of Jan. 6 while saying they are against violence, or trying to deflect fault away from the white supremacists that were the most violent. Why would anyone defend those acts? Fox pundits do it because they still have a huge audience and that makes money. They are truly despicable for the avarice and lack of ethics and morality that portends. I believe that we cannot begin to heal until more Americans are exposed to actual facts instead of lies and conspiracy continuation. All broadcasts require a federal license in order to operate; even the internet (which started as a defense/university project); but particularly television and cable. I sincerely hope that one of the early changes the Biden administration puts in through the FCC is the reintroduction of the “fairness doctrine”. That means that any broadcast that has the word “News” or “Newscast” in their title or advertising is required to be balanced. Other broadcasts should be required to begin and end their broadcast with warnings they are not factual but opinion.
And, we need to consistently vote not only with our pens at election time but also with our dollars and our wallets. Find out which advertisers stuck with the lies and conspiracy spreaders and do not use those products or services. That pretty much does away with buying pizza from pizza companies; they all support Trump and radical Republicans except Little Caesar. There is an app on Apple that allows you to download free that tells you which companies donate Republican or Democrat. It is called “Goods Unite Us.” I don’t want to be totally down on Republicans; I was one for over 40 years. I hope there is still a stalwart originalist Republican party that will throw out the radical antigovernment violent white supremacists. There should be no organized political party that harbors such violence. Let’s rid ourselves of the insanity.
Vote them out – economically deprive them of a source of funding – and retake our country with peaceful but really effective means.

Abe Robinson
Sunbury of Glenbrook

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