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When will younger Villagers get the vaccine?

To the Editor:

Since there is a cutoff in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, ages 65 and above are eligible, younger boomer seniors born between 1957-1964 are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccines.
On the internet, I cannot find a Census-based web site that indicates precisely how many younger boomer seniors [early retirees] live in The Villages. One site using a diagram called “The Villages Population Pyramid 2020” indicates The Villages has 10,000+ seniors who are age 60. FYI, Villagers aged 60 were born in 1960.
From this I can guess there are maybe 20,000 younger boomer seniors, under age 65, who are not Medicare eligible, who are early retirees, who people who pay mortgages or who own their homes. Many of us are very concerned about not being on the distribution for the COVID-19 vaccines. Does anyone have a clear answer to this question: When will boomers who are responsible Villagers residents, who are early retirees and who are under 65 years of age be eligible to have COVID-19 vaccines?

Robert Freeman
Village of Osceola Hills

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