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Villager who saved dog dumped at roadside finds herself saved by him

A Villager who saved a dog who had been dumped by a roadside was later saved by him.

While living in New York, Marjorie Hardman received a call from her stepdaughter who worked for a veterinarian.

“A man had brought in a little male apricot poodle he had found. What was so disturbing was where he was found, in a black plastic bag on the grass next to the highway. The man saw the bag move while stuck in traffic,” Hardman said. 

The man took the puppy straight to his vet. 

“The poor little guy was estimated to be about seven months old. He was emaciated at 4 pounds, laden with fleas, eye and ear infections,” she said.

Hardman said her stepdaughter called and asked Hardman if she would take him. If he lived.

“They gave him IV fluids, cleared his infections cleaned him up, started his puppy shots and gave him a dental,” she said.

Two weeks later, he became a part of her family.

Didty makes his home in the Village of Buttonwood.

Now Didty is 14 and a half years old and he has a host of problems that come with old age. But he certainly hasn’t given up on life.

“He jumps, runs and is full of love to give,” said Hardman, who now makes her home in the Appalachian Villas in the Village of Buttonwood.

The dog Hardman saved has done the same for her.

When a storm was approaching, Didty pulled her into the house 60 seconds before lightning struck. 

“He is my heart, my soul and I love him to the moon and back,” Hardman said.

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