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Our Trump puppet did it again

To the Editor:

Our Trump puppet did it again. Promises, promises, promises. Our governor came and he went, taking the vaccines with him. He came to town saying he would take care of all the old folks here.
At 4:30 a.m. we get an email stating there is no vaccine and the program to save all us old folks is suspended. No real surprise.
After opening this state way too early – at the direction of his Supreme Leader – we see the first big screw up. We have since been in the top five states in the country to set new records of COVID-19 infections and deaths. It’s completely out of control no matter what the governor says. People here are getting sick and the rate of deaths are going up.
We need that vaccine. NOW.
It’s going to take strong leadership to control this situation. So, to all of the politicians, including the governor, who have very weak spines and petite tiny testicles ( most do) get a strong back brace, put it on, grow a set of your own and start leading.
Your pied piper has crashed and burned. The cult is fractured and starting to break apart. If your careers are going to survive you’ll have to stand on your own two feet (upright) and lead.
You can start by fulfilling the promises made and get some damn vaccine here quickly. It’s only a matter of life or death.

Carlyle Sole
Village of LaBelle North

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