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So now you want peace?

To the Editor:

Everyone thinks Trump created this hate and talk about overturning the election. How short term memory loss can affect people. Four years ago this same mantra of a “Stolen Election” was yelled by Hillary when she threw her tantrum and called Republican voters “Deplorable.”
She then elicited the help of Nancy and Chucky to over turn Trump’s being elected and it lasted for four years thus creating a very divisive nation not caused within the past few weeks.  This has been festering for four years and is still going on. What happened in Washington is uncalled for and despicable. What can you expect with people touting hate signs on golf carts, cars, and plastered in their home windows for four years? Yelling obscenities and screaming at anyone who backed Trump. Now Biden is asking for a peaceful resolution and put aside differences.

Donald Simson
Village of Santiago

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