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Why aren’t drug companies sharing vaccine formulas?

To the Editor:

Currently there are three drug companies making vaccine. The only two approved are Pfizer and Moderna. Another, Astra Zeneca is not yet approved by the FDA.
We are currently in a war with this virus and have been all year.
The following companies have pledged to produce a vaccine: BioVTeck, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Novavax, and Sanofi. Are these companies sharing knowledge, sharing formula, sharing research? Or are they simply trying to develop there own formulas and have them patented to increase their stock price?
We have lost thousands of lives, others have been physically hurt forever. We are in a war with this virus sent from China. The federal government has the power to basically take over companies in the face of a national disaster or war. During World War II the government demanded that auto companies make tanks and other arms to fight the war. Companies shared knowledge and know how in order to win. Why is this not being done now?
If we have two companies now making an effective vaccine then what if they simply shared the science of the formulas with the other companies who are capable of making the same formula and ramp up to the point we have ten drug companies producing a vaccine? Is this because of big business? Is it because some big politician’s have their hands in the pockets of the drug companies? Makes no sense. War is war and we need to share and ramp up as much as possible. This should be a priority immediately!

Lonnie Morris
Village of LaBelle North

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