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Villager worried about availability of vaccine feels abandoned by Gov. DeSantis

Dear Gov. DeSantis:

A week ago you were in The Villages promoting the distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine. Days later, GMR pulled up stakes having run out of vaccine. They disappeared into the night, not to be heard from again.
Along with thousands of others, my wife and I both had appointments for first and second doses. Unfortunately, there is no source of vaccine, so they are “delayed”. I’m throwing my hands up because of all the ineptitude around us. My wife is 72, has MS and a compromised immune system. I’ll be 74 in March. I have Type 2 diabetes, a pacemaker, and high blood pressure. Here in The Villages there are thousands more like me, and even more with additional health issues.
You have abandoned us for a PR ploy. While we can’t get the vaccine, the counties around us are providing it to all comers. You give the vaccine to Publix, Advent Health and other companies, including UF. But none of them are providing vaccine in Sumter County. And “our” UF healthcare providers are still not all vaccinated, although I understand 1,800 doses were given to UF by the Sumter County Health Department. Where did they go? Have our firefighters and police been given shots? No information leads to rumors.
When you are done with your victory lap, turn around to see who is behind you. I’m a life long Republican but I doubt if you’ll see me there. I want a governor who will be transparent and honest. If there isn’t any vaccine available, tell us that, and when it will be. Don’t hand out platitudes and scatter a few hundred doses here and there.
Tens of thousands of Villagers don’t like what has happened and it’s your watch.


David Bussone
Village of Sanibel

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