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No respect for our National Guard watching over the Capitol

To the Editor:

As a career U.S. Marine Corps Officer, now retired, my main focus has always been in peacetime and in combat, to take care of my “troops.” It’s the main tenet of leadership which we expect from not only military leaders, but also from those in government that have responsibilities over others.
I don’t expect  someone to tell me, “Thank you for your service”, because I was a volunteer and served to honor my country and to take care of people entrusted to my care.
So, when I observe how many of our National Guard personnel who were called upon to leave their jobs and families to “protect the inauguration” treated like animals after they were forced out of the Capitol and put in a GARAGE with concrete floors, no cots or even a mat, with in one case, two toilets for 5,000 men and women, I become enraged at the lack of RESPECT and lack of LEADERSHIP to allow this to happen.
In D.C., the president, speaker, senate majority leader, D.C. mayor and Capitol Police chief are ALL Democrats. I have served under leaders of both parties, and can state without any doubt that life in the U.S. military will be getting worse. I’m shocked to see that it looks like the new administration cares more for scores of convicted aliens and illegals than it does for our own. But I’m not surprised – I went through this in Vietnam – hopefully it will end before we destroy ourselves.

George Miske
Lakeshore Cottages

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