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Patience needed when it comes to vaccine

To the Editor:

Vaccine manufacturing must go through a chemical process using existing equipment. This equipment running 24 hrs a day (hopefully) produces a known, fixed quantity. No more, sometimes less, due to downtime which happens.
Also, syringe manufacturers have similar maximum output constraints. With these maximum output quantities, that is all we get with today’s equipment. To manufacture more vaccine and syringe producing equipment takes time. Hiring and training more people to run this equipment takes time, lots of time, it is near impossible to find good manufacturing personnel. The only issue to work is vaccine output by these manufacturers. They are doing the best they can safely proceed with. Do we want the government to put their fingers on this process? Daily breaking news reports of this place or that place running out of vaccine is very concerning but not the issue. What is the maximum output of vaccine, that is the maximum amount of people that can be vaccinated. Simple patience is needed.

David Tierson
Village of Charlotte

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