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Villager arrested barefoot and in pajamas wins permission to return to man friend’s home

Marcia Nell Vandersnick

A Villager who this past November fled an altercation while she was barefoot and wearing pajamas has won permission to return to the home of the man friend she allegedly threatened to kill.

Marcia Nell Vandersnick, 75, had been staying at an extended-stay hotel since her Nov. 7 arrest on a battery charge after a 911 call placed from a home in the Village of Bonnybrook. The Prescott, Ariz. native that night left her man friend with a laceration in the shape of a fingernail on his left bicep, a Sumter County Sheriff’s Office arrest report said. When deputies showed up on the scene shortly before 10 p.m., the man said Vandersnick had fled on foot prior to their arrival. He said she was headed toward “a dead end road on their street,” the report said. She was found walking in the roadway, barefoot and clad in pajamas.

The arrest report said Vandersnick had been drinking all night and had threatened to kill the man.

After her arrest, Vandersnick was ordered to have no contact with her man friend.

However, he has had a change of heart and wants the charge against her dropped.

He is 73 years old and “has many health problems and medical issues” and wanted Vandersnick to return home to help care for him, according to a motion filed in Sumter County Court. Despite an objection from the prosecutor’s office, the motion has been granted and she has been allowed to return home.

Vandersnick was arrested in 2014 after she threw a plate at a deputy. In 2019, a judge ordered that Vandersnick’s driver’s license be revoked for a decade after she was caught with wine coolers in her golf cart. It was her third drunk driving arrest within a 10-year period. She was placed on probation for two years.

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