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Cane Garden Country Club shut down due to rodents and roaches

Cane Garden Country Club was shut down last week after a health inspector found several eyebrow-raising health code violations.

The country club on Bailey Trail in The Villages was temporarily shut down Jan. 20 after the inspector found 35 rodent droppings in the corner of the main dinning room, according to a report on file with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. There was also roach excrement in the corners of the main dining room.

Cane Garden Clubhouse
Cane Garden Country Club

In addition to those high-priority violations, another high-priority violation at the country club involved marinated shrimp, haddock and swai fish stored at 55 degrees when they should have been stored at no more than 41 degrees.

Other violations included:

• An employee had stored sunglasses and car keys above the food prep area on the cook’s line.

• The interior of a microwave was soiled with encrusted food debris.

• Knives were stored in cracks between pieces of equipment.

• The country club had no proof of required state approved employee training provided for any staffers. The inspector returned the following day and found there was still no proof of the employee training, but allowed the restaurant to reopen as there were no violations that were “an immediate threat to the public.”

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