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Daily Sun again sowing seeds of division

To the Editor:

Again, the Commentary in the Daily Sun is nothing but an us-against-them diatribe. Betsy McCaughney writes:
“While politicians are offering loans and grants to minority-owned and women-owned businesses, they couldn’t care less about helping white men. What’s next? Tax breaks for women and minorities, and higher rates for white men?”
Why are these types of articles printed in an area already known for white men shouting, “White Power?” Isn’t it time for The Villages to remove that stigma?
What does the Daily Sun hope to accomplish in keeping this conversation alive?
I would love to see Ms. McCaughney’s statistics.
My son, a 31-year-old WHITE man, got a CARES Act grant. Apparently, she thinks Joel Osteen is black. He received $4.4 million. Perhaps she thinks Tom Brady is black? He got $960,000. A simple Google Search gives these statistics:
“The full list of Paycheck Protection Program recipients released by the Small Business Association on Monday shows that of the 14% of businesses which chose to identify race in their loan application, Black-owned businesses received 1.9% of loans while White-owned businesses received 83%.”
Obviously Ms. McCaughey is as truthful as the rest of the politicians in this area. She is nothing but a downright hack!
I am calling on the Daily Sun to print positive commentary instead of this divisive drivel. Apparently Betsy McCaughey cannot write anything positive or truthful. All she knows is hate, and frankly, we are sick of hate. It is time to heal this nation!

Drew Cline
Village of Marsh Bend

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