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Kathleen Cook’s Trump pity party

To the Editor:

When I read Kathleen’s letter I just about spit out my coffee. Kathleen, where have you been these past five years?
Oh poor Trumpy, since we are probably around the same age, we have lived through a load of presidents. Who has constantly lied and made up stories over 30,000 times? Trump. Who is responsible for over 450,000 deaths for refusing to acknowledge a raging pandemic? Trump. You say he didn’t inflame his base on Jan. 6, but it was BLM. Really? Those nut jobs were all his and no one else’s. Not BLM, but Proud Boys, the 3%ers and other fake wannabe militias carrying flags, guns, pepper spray and baseball bats.
They who say they’re with our police and military beat the cops with fire extinguishers and the very flags they were carrying, some of which were the USA flag. As for putting 45 in danger, get a grip, he just riled up the masses and scurried back to the White House and watched the mobs attacking the Capitol. He didn’t call for the National Guard, Pence did that. Pence was thrown under the bus by 45 because Pence was doing his sworn duty to certify the election. There are absolutely no excuses for 45. He has been a complete disaster for this country. The world let out a collective sigh when 45 was no longer in the White House. Now let the adults in the room clean up all the messes 45 made and get on with a positive future. Peace out

Kathleen Smierciak
Silverthorne, Colo.

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