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Official reports uptick in door-to-door solicitation in The Villages

There is a myth that door-to-door solicitation is prohibited in The Villages. It’s just a myth.

The topic was discussed at Friday’s meeting of the Community Development District 5 Board of Supervisors at Savannah Center.

Chairman Gary Kadow said he believes there has been an uptick in door-to-door solicitation here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

Lt. Robert Siemer of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, who was at the board meeting for his quarterly law enforcement update, in response to a question from Kadow, confirmed that door-to-door solicitation is legal in The Villages.

“I thought door-to-door solicitation was limited to recognized religious organizations,” Kadow said.

But that’s not the case.

“There are too many gypsy landscapers going door to door,” Kadow said, pointing to the recent arrest of a contractor who unlawfully cut down trees in a protected wetland at Lake Deaton.

Kadow also raised concern about the type of people who appear to be knocking on the doors and seem to be targeting the elderly.

“When they come to the door, they are very aggressive,” Kadow said. “Sometimes people hire them just to get them to go away.”

Many of the door knockers are offering tree or landscaping services.

Lt. Siemer offered some advice for discouraging the door knockers.

“They keep knocking on doors because people hire them. Don’t hire them and they’ll go away,” he said.

Village of Bonita resident Ed Sullivan wrote about the problem of soliciting in The Villages back in 2017.

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