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Two Great Horned Owlets creating quite a stir among curious Villagers

There is a Great Horned Owl nest along the Springdale Fitness Trail near Nancy Lopez Country Club that is drawing quite a bit of attention, thanks to two Owlets that reside there.

The two Owlets can be seen peeking over the edge of their nest along the Springdale Fitness Trail near Nancy Lopez Country Club. One appears to be much older than the other one.

This tree has had nesting Great Horned Owls for many years, according to residents who live in the area. It is near the final hole of both Briarwood and Walnut Grove executive golf courses.

It seems to be a tradition this time of year for many golfers to stop and check out the nest in anticipation of seeing hatching Owlets after golf. Also, many walkers and bikers take a quick look as they pass the location.

An Owlet rests under its mother’s wing in a nest near the Nancy Lopez Country Club.

Last year, the nest was abandoned and no Owlets were hatched. But this year, two Owlets can occasionally be seen in the nest with their mother.

There is hardly a time when you pass the tree when there are not people looking up to see the owls. Many photographers, birders and interested people are seeking out photos of these beautiful owls.

There also is a Bald Eagle nest within sight of the tree that is just as popular. Bald Eagles have been having Eaglets in this nest for many years. There are currently two Bald Eaglets in the nest there.

Both Owlets nest near their sleeping mother.

The nest is in the electrical towers high above the Springdale Fitness Trail. Most walkers, bikers and golf carts take a glance at the Eagles as they pass under the nest. Both nests are right down the trail from the Springdale Dog Park.

Most times, locations of nests in and around The Villages are not disclosed for the safety of the animals. However, these nests have been around for years and are well-known locations.

Photographers and golfers are enjoying following the progression of the Owlets that are with their mother in a nest along the Springdale Fitness Trail.

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