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Free money scheme

To the Editor:

We are kidding, right? Once again this old free money scheme hits the U.S. House of Representatives. And now we also have the United Nations poking its long smelly nose in this fray. If these groups in this country are provided free money; and it is “free” money, what about all the other countries, presently in the United Nations, who at one time in their history, owned slaves? How far back in history are we going with this. Slavery goes all the way back to before the time of the pyramids. I cannot think of any group that has never been enslaved, at any time. Until about the 14th Century, the blacks who were later sold by their own people, to the slavers, were dancing around the fire holding their spears and shields high in the air. The rest of the world was inventing things. Writing books, painting, and sculpting works of art. They were exploring the rest of the earth and the magic of mathematics, music, politics of all types, and writing plays and operas.
One merely has to look at the population percentages of those who are on welfare or in prison to put matters into a true perspective. It may not be nice to point out these things but that doesn’t make them any less real, much less false.

Joseph Kibitlewski, Ph.D.
Spruce Creek South

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