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Villages couple reports success in obtaining COVID-19 vaccinations

To the Editor:

My wife and I got our first COVID-19 shot Saturday.  We went to Lake-Sumter State College the other side of Coleman. We arrived at 11:25 a.m. and were completely done by 11:55 am. All without getting out of the car.  We got on the list Jan. 13. They notified us on Feb 18th to make an appointment. after filling in the form on line, we were given a “Bar Code.” Then we chose an appointment time, took that to the site and bingo. We have to give the Safer Start Group our thanks.
Other than a sore spot at the “injection site”  there were no side effects. Next shot on March 20. Everybody who hasn’t got their shot get on somebody’s list. They gave over a thousand shots at this location in one day. Lake Square Mall is very efficient also.

Len Boczkowski
Village of Palo Alto

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