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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Villager sentenced in pajama-clad run from scene of attack on man friend

Marcia Nell Vandersnick

A 75-year-old Villager has been sentenced after fleeing barefoot and wearing pajamas from the scene of an attack on her man friend.

Marcia Nell Vandersnick has been placed on two years’ drug offender probation in connection with her Nov. 7 arrest.

A 911 call was placed that night after Vandersnick left a laceration in the shape of a fingernail on the man’s left bicep during an altercation in the Village of Bonnybrook. When Sumter County sheriff’s deputies showed up, the man said Vandersnick had fled on foot prior to their arrival. He said she was headed toward “a dead end road on their street,” the report said. She was found walking in the roadway, barefoot and clad in pajamas.

The arrest report said Vandersnick had been drinking all night and had threatened to kill the man.

After her arrest, Vandersnick was ordered to have no contact with her man friend. She moved to an extended-stay hotel. However, the 73-year-old man had a change of heart and asked a judge to allow Vandersnick to move back in with him. He said he suffers from “many health problems and medical issues,” according to court documents.

Vandersnick has a history of drinking-related arrests. She was arrested in 2014 after she threw a plate at a deputy. In 2019, a judge ordered that Vandersnick’s driver’s license be revoked for a decade after she was caught with wine coolers in her golf cart. It was her third drunk driving arrest within a 10-year period. She was placed on probation for two years.

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